Tips & Tricks - Comprehensive Reports = ProfitabilityTools

AutoFluent provides two different Comprehensive Reports: the Comprehensive Sales Report and the Comprehensive Group Report. The Comprehensive Reports allow you to set sales goals, and track your progress to see how much you are above or below these goals. The Comprehensive Reports are found under Customer Reports. If you have multiple stores, these two reports also allow you to see multiple locations on the same page to quickly access and compare the efficiency of your businesses. An important note is that these reports will only be accurate and precise because you run your Daily Reports. If you don’t run your Daily Reports, check out our previous blog about it here.

The Comprehensive Sales Report is a valuable but under-utilized tool that will allow you to set monthly sales projections for the year and compare key information. To optimize your use of AutoFluent, set your sales goals and use this report to see how much you’ve exceeded or failed to meet your Projected Goals. This sales report will break down your monthly sales by parts, labor, tires, & miscellaneous items. You’ll be able to see the total dollars sold and the percentages of your profits. The layout of this report allows you to compare the current month to the previous month and even the same month last year. Total number of invoices for the month and the average invoice dollar amount are included on this report.

Let’s say your sales goal for this month is $10,000. The Comprehensive Sales Report can break down that $10,000 into daily amounts. When you run the report, it will let you know, for example, that you are $300 away from meeting your daily goal, or $1,000 above your daily goal. The report also gives you a month-to-date total, letting you know how much you forecasted to make by now, and how much you’ve actually made.

The Comprehensive Group Report is a great tool to see how target groups are performing. The layout of this report is similar to the rows inside the Comprehensive Sales Report, but the columns will show different information, such as how many units were sold and the rounded dollar sales amount for those units. You can track your sales progress for any Item Groups such as alignments, oil changes, inspections, etc. You’re even able to combine Item Groups together in this report to compare to others. AutoFluent allows you to compare up to eight of these Item Groups or combination of groups. If you don’t already have your Item Groups setup to track your sales more closely, contact AutoFluent Support and we can show you how to utilize Item Groups inside AutoFluent! 

These 2 reports provide a snapshot of projected and actual sales. You will get break-downs of parts, labor, tires and percentages, over/under performing sales compared to the previous period and the same period on the previous year. Plus you will get a snapshot of the important categories you need to track. Again, it is important to note, the accuracy of these reports rely upon your Daily Reports being run. Please check out our Tips & Tricks - Importance of Daily Reports, Deposits and DAILY, YTD and MTD reporting in our September 2019 Blog!

Adam Irby