NEW Bin Value Report

October 2019 Bin Value Article.jpg

In addition to being a complete Service Shop Management system, AutoFluent has many tools to help you manage your inventory, whether it be in a small shop or in large warehouses. The newest addition to these tools is the Bin Value Report. This report shows you how many items are in each of your bin locations, and what that inventory is worth. Like most of AutoFluent’s reports, there are many options based on your needs:

  • Choose to calculate the value based on catalog cost, last cost or average cost.

  • Report on a range of bin locations.

  • Limit the report to only include a range of catalog numbers or Item Groups, or those associated with a certain type, brand, vendor, etc.

  • Only show those which have sold recently.

  • Limit the list to slow-moving items which haven’t sold in a while.

  • Sort by several things such Catalog or Size/Item.

  • Choose to report on totals only, giving you a quantity and value in each of your bins.

The report will also show you which items have not yet been assigned to a bin, along with their quantity and value. This is useful for helping you make sure everything is accounted for in its appropriate bin. To use the Bin Value Report, you will need to set AutoFluent to track bin locations. This is done in the Inventory section of System Settings.

Whereas most shop management systems excel at either tracking service or inventory, you are fortunate to be using a system which excels at both, whether you run a small shop or a large warehouse with millions of dollars worth of stock on your shelves. Either way, tracking what you keep on your shelves is an essential part of keeping your business running profitably.

Adam Irby