Tips & Tricks - Importance of Daily Reports, Deposits and DAILY, YTD, and MTD reporting

Because you want to track the progress of you business, the Daily Report is the most important report that you have in AutoFluent. With it, you see summaries of all of the transactions that occurred throughout the day. We recommend the daily report be run at the end of every business day; especially if you have an accounting program such as QuickBooks integrated with AutoFluent. 

Inside the Daily Report

  • You can set a beginning Cash Drawer balance as well as a desired ending balance to help track your bank deposits. 

  • The Sales Transactions section will give you a list of every invoice for the day with invoice totals, parts/labor totals, and profit breakdown. 

  • With the appropriate Sales Categories assigned to your customers, you will get a daily/monthly breakdown of your sales by Sales Category. 

  • In the Item Group Sections you will see your daily, month to date, and year to date sales and profit for everything you have sold. 

  • In the Sales Rep Summary, you can see your Sales Reps’ sales figures, recommendations totals, commissions, spiffs, as well as your mechanic’s commissions.

  • You will see all transactions that took place that day from the Customer-sided transactions to your Vendor-sided transactions. 

  • There is even a list of your New Customers for the day. 

  • The daily report from the last day of the month as well as the last day of the year are great reports to reprint to avoid going out of your way to run additional reports. 

Generating a New Report

To run the report at the end of the day, check the radial box that says Generate a new Daily Report and press the select button. The Daily Deposit window will appear. Here is where you can verify the total cash in the cash drawer, the total checks received, etc.

If you make any changes, they will be reflected in the overage/shortage column on the right, and (with the Accounting Module) they will post to the over/short account in the General Ledger.

After making the needed changes, if any, press the Save & Print button to continue. The Daily Report will then print to the screen to be previewed. To print the report press the Printer icon at the top-left of the window. The Daily Report can always be reprinted in the future.

After closing the report window, you will be given the option to post the day. If everything looks correct you may select the Post option.  Otherwise, the day may be posted at any time the following day, before generating a new daily report. Just make sure that the daily report is generated at the end of each day, and posted at some point the following day.

Posting to Accounting Software & The Pre-Posting Trial Balance

(Only available with the Accounting Module)

When you post the day, if you have the Accounting Module, the Pre-Posting Trial Balance will print to the screen. This report will detail exactly what will be posted to your accounting software. Summaries from each module of the system are sent to your accounting software. Vendor bills and credits are normally sent intact to QuickBooks, if using that system.

Adam Irby