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A Highly-Integrated Portfolio of Tools…

to manage your automotive business more effectively. AutoFluent® is a powerful automotive business management system that gives you the easy-to-use tools you need to run more cost-effectively. Our intuitive business dashboard provides a more accurate view of all aspects of your business - enabling you to improve how you track and manage your customers, employees, sales, inventory and suppliers.


Sales Management

AutoFluent® makes managing all aspects of sales simpler! View all your customers and open repair orders at a glance for work order management and sales status reporting. Here’s an overview of some features:

  • Use CARFAX data to load vehicle data with a license plate or VIN, view vehicle service history, and be notified of open recalls
  • Barcode scanning of inventory and VINs
  • Labor guides from AllData, Identifix and AutoAware®
  • Create and track recommended services for each vehicle, sending email reminders
  • Integrated scheduler - view mechanics, bays, and departments by day, week, and month
  • Track profit within a workorder, and ensure minimum margins are met
  • Vehicle model and tire size lookups (tire module required for tire lookup)
  • Paperless invoicing with signature capture devices
  • Track and report on referrals to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising mediums
Sales Entry