Tips & Tricks - Pre-selecting Vehicles & Previewing Service History from Sales Entry


To save time when creating new tickets for your customers, here is a trick for selecting the vehicle, and viewing its info.  In the Sales Entry screen, after selecting the customer's name in the top list, below the list there is a box that initially shows ‘<all vehicles>’. Clicking on this box will present all the vehicles that belong to that customer. After selecting one, the vehicle’s history will be shown below.  When creating a new Workorder or Quote, the selected vehicle and customer information will be automatically applied.

You are also easily able to see any and all previous services you have performed on that vehicle. With the vehicle selected you can click the "History" button to the right of where you selected the vehicle, then select "Print Report" in the new window that appears. From there you can choose a date range to preview the previous services completed at your shop.

You can also search by keywords to display only entries that include that search criteria. Using this feature you can easily see the last time you performed a specific service on a vehicle.

Adam Irby