New Report Highlights


For over 15 years, TABS has continually been adding and enhancing reports in AutoFluent, to better help you analyze your business and improve your profitability.  Here are some of the latest new reports, and how they help shops:

Vehicle Summary Report - This is a very useful report for both listing your vehicles and breaking down their maintenance costs.  It will list all your vehicles, or just those for a specific customer, sorted by plate, VIN or fleet number. These are the modes:

  • List vehicle info, with or without the extra info like the custom fields and notes.

  • Show the cost per mile for each vehicle, broken out by Item Groups, parts, labor and tires.

  • Show the cost per mile, broken out by Item Group Subtotal.  This is useful for breaking out services on lube, brakes, etc., including parts and labor.

  • Summarize the totals only per vehicle for parts, labor and tires.

Annual Sales Summary Report - This report shows you how many were sold each month of the year for a selected range of inventory items.  It also shows prices, costs, and current reorder levels. This is a great report for getting a feel for setting and adjusting your reorder levels, especially for seasonal items.

Inventory Sales by Customer Report  - This report gives you a clear picture of your most valuable customers, showing what has been purchased within a period, with a detailed profit analysis.  Its purpose is to generate ideas for better serving your most important customers.  AutoFluent includes the ability to provide them with new incentives, which can be implemented by using special price levels.

The Workorder Deposit Report shows you either all Workorders with deposits, or all Workorders within a date range, It shows the customer, vehicle, status, deposit, and balance due.  Use this report to keep a handle on what your customers currently have on deposit.

The Claims Report helps you keep track of which claims are still pending, and which have been returned and/or credited.

For tire shops, the FET Reimbursements Report can be invaluable.  It shows you all the tires sold to FET-exempt customers in a given period, both those waiting for credit and those already credited.

Also, the updated Sales Rep Report has several new features to help track your sales reps and mechanics.  This report now shows the hours billed per mechanic, to supplement the Mechanic Tracking reports.  To monitor productivity, the updated Sales Rep Sales Report also gives averages per sales rep for the period, of both parts and labor. 

Glen Graham