Why Mechanic Tracking?


When providing automotive service, how well the mechanics perform their services is arguably the most important factor in the quality of your shop, and can determine whether your customers “come back for more.”  Because of this, monitoring the efficiency of each mechanic, and knowing exactly who spent what amount of time on jobs that your customers were particularly satisfied (or unsatisfied) with, is of utmost importance.

Autofluent offers two distinct ways of tracking your mechanics’ hours. You can have mechanics clock in and out on each job they do, or they can write down their hours on the Workorder, to be entered into the system in the back office. Either way, multiple employees can be assigned to each job (Workorder line). Your Mechanic Reports will then rate the efficiency of each of your mechanics, both per job and per pay period, so you can reward them or identify problem areas.  Efficiency will be rated for each person even if multiple mechanics work on the same job. You then have the option to pay or incentivize them based on the hours worked, the hours billed, or the amount billed, taking into account the percentage of the job they actually worked on.

To change between these two ways of tracking (i.e., to turn on or off the clocking in of jobs), contact an AutoFluent support representative. For proper reporting, this change needs to be made between pay periods.  

Your mechanics’ hours are a critical commodity in your service shop. Tracking how they are spent, and for whom, will help you both deal with potential issues and find ways to give even better service to your customers.

Glen Graham