Tips & Tricks - Advanced Searching Techniques & Let Tire Atlas Do the Work for You

Advanced Searching Techniques

AutoFluent is designed to help you find the information you need as quickly as possible. Here are some methods and shortcuts to help speed up and simplify your sales process:

Most grids throughout the system have yellow boxes above them used for searching in the various columns.  In these boxes, you can:

  • Enter a ‘%’ as the first character as a wildcard. For example, entering ‘%tire’ would find:

    • Joe’s Tires

    • Tires Unlimited

    • Retirement Homes Inc.

  • If it’s a numeric or date column, you can enter ‘<’, ‘>’, ‘<>’, ‘<=’ or ‘>=’. Some examples are:

    • ‘>500’ -  finds a number greater than 500

    • ‘<>0’ - finds any non-zero number

    • ‘>12/25/2017’ - finds a transaction after Christmas of 2017  

In Sales Entry, there are several ways to find your customer.  Besides using the yellow boxes as described above, you can use the Search button and:

  • Use the License Plate button to search by plate, vin, fleet #, or vehicle model.

  • Use the Workorder or Invoice button if you are looking at an old transaction.

  • Use the Phone button (or the magnifying glass above the Phone column). This may be the most popular method of searching, because:

    • It will search for any of the 4 phone numbers attached to the customer.

    • If you enter a 7 digit number, it will search using the 3 area codes defined in the System Settings.

    • If the customer is not found, Whitepages can be used to pull in the customer’s name, often with their entire address.

Let Tire Atlas Do the Work for You

Among the many features included in the AutoFluent Tire Module is Tire Atlas. Tire Atlas makes it easy for you to help your customers make informed choices when purchasing a new set of tires.

When a tire is selected from either Inventory Search or the Vendor Catalog, click the Tire Atlas button for details and specifications on that particular tire. Tire Atlas contains the details for more than 200 brands and 3,000 models of tires including major brands, imports and house brands. The information provided includes product photos, features & benefits and technical information about the tire.

Adam Irby