Going Green and Increasing Efficiency

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In this fast-moving world, customer expectations have never been higher. The time demands of both shop owners and customers are increasing, so finding ways to manage this time crunch is a top priority. AutoFluent Software is ready and able to help you meet these demands.

Consumers are holding on to their vehicles longer than ever. The age of the average vehicle in North America is 12 years old, and that number has increased by 17% in the last ten years. This means that as customers strive to get the most value from their initial investment, they will be more likely to stay on top of their vehicle’s performance and health, meaning more visits to your shop. 

With more customers visiting your shop, the management of workflow becomes that much more important. With AutoFluent’s new mobile inspection integration AutoInspect, you can eliminate wasted steps the moment a customer arrives at your shop.

With AutoInspect, a technician can snap a photo of the customer’s license plate or VIN, and pull up the vehicle and customer information immediately. If it is a new customer, the Whitepages interface can pull up the customer information by their phone number, whether the number is a home, work or cell number. The tech can then enter the reason for the customer’s visit, perform a full customizable inspection (or inspections) with both photos and video, and not only email or text a copy to the customer, but create both a workorder and recommended services for the service writer to complete. 

The service writer can begin adding items to the workorder with most of the leg-work done in advance. Using PartsTech, the service writer can quickly determine the best price and availability of parts from multiple vendors at the same time. Adding Service Data Pro to the mix gives you an easy to use integration to pull labor times directly into the workorder, as well as pulling in vehicle specific oil change information (oil capacity, viscosity and filter) with just a couple of mouse-clicks.

When the workorder is ready to be finalized, the invoice can be emailed by default and printed out as an option if the customer requires a paper copy. Quotes, workorders, invoices, inspections, monthly statements and service reminders can all be emailed to customers, saving you time and money.

For more information on how to incorporate these time and resource saving features, give us a call today.

Adam Irby