We Protect your Business with TireMetrix


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that tire dealers must now electronically register tires sold. According to this articlein Tire Business magazine, the FAST act includes:

  • ...a provision for NHTSA to require tire sellers “not owned by a manufacturer of tires” to register the tires they sell at the point of sale and transmit the information electronically to tire makers or their assigned designee in an effort to improve consumer contact and response in case of a recall.

The article also says: “Under the mandatory system, TIA claims independent tire dealers face potential noncompliance fines of up to $700,000 per location.”

While AutoFluent has had basic DOT registration features for some time, shops still struggled with incorrectly entered DOT numbers, and there was no easy way to reach out to customers with recalled tires.

To both protect you, and help you build confidence with your customers, AutoFluent has teamed up with TireMetrix to include their DOT registration product in our Tire Module.  TireMetrix has by far the most innovative registration product on the market.  Its features include:

  • DOT numbers are automatically validated as you enter them

  • DOT alert for expired or recalled tires

  • Reporting on recalled tires sold, to facilitate follow-ups with customers

Manual entry of DOT numbers can be an error-prone process, but with immediate validation of the information, you can be sure to fulfill your mandatory registration obligations. And the reporting capabilities allow shops to proactively reach out to vehicle owners to help with the recall process and replacement tires, building trust, generating business and keeping passengers safe.

Adam Irby