Improve Your Workflow Utilizing AutoInspect with Whitepages

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When a customer arrives at your shop, how can you ensure that their needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently? A customer waiting too long to be assisted may be tempted to go elsewhere for service. Using AutoInspect with, the time it takes from the customer’s arrival to the beginning of service will be cut drastically, while giving you the ability to immediately communicate critical vehicle information to both the customer and service writer.

When using AutoFluent and AutoInspect with Whitepages, a customer can be greeted as soon as they pull up to your garage. The technician can take a photo of the vehicle’s license plate or VIN with their web-enabled smartphone or tablet using AutoInspect and quickly decode the year, make and model of the vehicle with the built-in Carfax integration. If the vehicle belongs to an existing customer, their details will be quickly added to the inspection. If the customer is new to your shop, you can enter their phone number into the app and will pull in the customer’s name and address automatically; both saving time and removing the possibility of errors occurring from entering information manually.

With the customer and vehicle entered, the technician can enter the reason the customer is in for service, any mechanic’s notes, vehicle mileage and other details. AutoInspect allows you to customize and configure multiple inspections to exactly fit the needs of your shop. The only limit is your creativity.

A general repair shop may set up both a “dent and ding” inspection along with a 21-point inspection. A collision shop might set up exterior and interior damage inspections. A fleet management shop might configure specific inspections for the different fleets they manage. Each line on the mobile inspection allows you to enter notes specific to that item, as well as take both photos and videos of each item on the inspection list. The completed inspection can then be printed, or sent via email or text message. A mobile mechanic can now communicate this information to the customer without leaving the vehicle.

To make it even better, when the inspection is complete, AutoFluent automatically creates a Workorder with all of the customer and vehicle information already entered. Clicking the “Recommended Service” button on the inspection will create a recommended service for each item found to be at fault. These recommended services will be available to the service writer in AutoFluent in the “Recommended Services” section of an open Workorder, where they can then add parts and labor using the PartsTech and Service Data Pro interfaces. The inspection will also be available to the service writer to view while building these jobs.

AutoInspect with will help gain your customer’s confidence and trust and allow you to cater to their needs much more efficiently – saving you time and increasing your bottom line. Call AutoFluent’s Sales Team today at 866-822-7797 for AutoInspect with Whitepages and ask us about cost saving bundles to save you even more!  

Adam Irby