Tips & Tricks - More Workorder Statuses and Max Finkelstein Integration

Customize your Workorder Statuses

Now you can be a lot more specific in describing the current status of your Workorders and Appointments in AutoFluent. In addition to the standard 6 statuses, such as Arrived, In Progress and Complete, you can define 8 completely custom statuses, depending on the unique needs of your shop or warehouse. Possible statuses include Waiting, Need Apprvl, or even the name of a shop you send vehicles to for some sublet labor. We have seen some of our wholesale-only warehouses use these statuses creatively as well.

For each of the 14 statuses, you can set a default message to be texted to your customer’s cell phone when their vehicle is set to that status. You can also assign a color to each of the statuses, for quick identification when viewing that Workorder or Appointment in the scheduler. You can select the status both in the Scheduler, and in the Sales Entry window, by clicking on the Status column in the Workorder list.

All of this can be easily set up by going to System Settings window, and selecting the Marketing tab, then the Statuses tab. Using Custom Workorder Statuses is another way you can use AutoFluent to both improve your efficiency and keep tabs on your customers.

Wholesale Tire Distributor Max Finkelstein, Inc.

We've added another tire distributor to our list of integration partners. For over 96 years, wholesale tire distributor Max Finkelstein, Inc. has provided products to tire retailers, redistributors and commercial service dealers. With 13 distribution centers, they are a leading wholesale distributor of Goodyear, Dunlop, Kelly, Fierce, Pirelli, Kumho, Kenda, Gladiator, Zenna and Advanta passenger and light truck tires throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast United States.

Adam Irby