Mechanic Tracking Updated

The Mechanic Tracking module of AutoFluent has been completely revamped for shops whose mechanics punch in and out of jobs. It will now work just as well for specialty shops whose projects can last months or even years, as it does for small service shops.

Here are some of the module’s new features:

  • A Job, which is a Labor line on a Workorder, can last for any length of time.

  • There is no limit to the number of mechanics punching in and out on a Job.

  • From within the Workorder, you can view all the punches associated with each Labor line (Job).

  • Jobs can be marked or unmarked as completed at will.

  • Managers can view, edit, delete or add punches to Jobs:

    • From within a Workorder

    • From the Mechanic Punches punch-in window

    • From the Track Mechanic auditing window

  • When auditing the punches for a period, managers can view by transaction, by punch date, and/or by mechanic.

  • Reports show exactly what work was done on the Jobs in the reporting period, and what percentage each mechanic contributed to each Job.

Glen Graham