The Updated Look & Feel of AutoFluent

2016 has brought many new features to AutoFluent, including a more modern main menu, a color-coded and streamlined report selector and Setup Entry window. You also have a greatly enhanced window for setting your employee rights, including several new rights.

  • Our new main menu has a modern, touch-friendly layout, with twice as many options available with a single click.  This makes it much easier to navigate to the tasks you do the most.

  • Our intuitive new report selector has all your reports in a single screen broken into categories. When mousing over a report, a description will now appear at the bottom of the screen.

  • In our Setup Entry window, the various setup options are also broken into color-coded categories, making it much easier to find what you need.
    The Employee setup window makes it much easier to set up new employees. You can choose to set them up with typical rights as a Sales Rep, Sales Manager, Mechanic, or Back Office person, and then fine-tune their rights as desired when they log in at each of your locations. There are several new rights available to select from, and we have added explanations to clarify exactly what they allow. You can even copy / paste permissions between employees and among stores.

Click the Help Button (the “?”) at the main menu to track our latest features. We remain committed to continually improving AutoFluent, helping to make your lives easier and more profitable.

Glen Graham