Scan Inventory and VIN Barcodes With Your Windows 8 Pro Tablet

You can now walk down the aisles with your Windows 8 or 8.1 Tablet PC and scan your inventory.  With your tablet, you can scan items to do Physical Inventory counts, create Purchase Orders, make adjustments, or add items to Work Orders.

When it’s time to count your inventory, simply open the Physical Inventory window on your tablet, and scan each item on your shelves.  Then print your Physical Inventory Session Report (also known as a Variance Report) to show what changes need to be made, and close your session. This will create all the necessary adjustments to your inventory, making it match perfectly.

If your parts or tires don’t have a barcode to scan, you can print out your own with a barcode printer (using a Brother QL-500, Zebra GC-420t or Godex RT-200).  If items have UPC codes, but the codes are not in AutoBiz yet, the first time you scan the item you will be prompted to select the item you just scanned, so it can be remembered for next time.  Once the codes are in your system, you can just open the Physical Inventory window and scan your items without any keyboard, mouse or touch input at all.

In addition, if you have a barcode scanner capable of scanning VIN numbers, entering vehicle information can be as easy as pointing your scanner at the VIN barcode.  CARFAX can then populate the vehicle data for your vehicle and check for recalls.  Don't have a VIN capable barcode scanner?  CARFAX QuickVIN can pull the VIN number from the license plate, right on your tablet.

Adam Irby