Get the new myCARFAX Features Included with AutoFluent

Participating AutoFluent shops are already familiar with the free myCARFAX features including QuickVIN and Service History Check available in the vehicle menu. With the latest release we are announcing two new additional features; the myCARFAX Customer Signup button and Service Snapshot

myCARFAX Customer Signup Button

Millions of consumers already know and love the myCARFAX app (available in the iOS and Android app stores, and at The app allows consumers to track their service history and get mobile and email alerts for both service and open recalls. You can access this new feature by clicking the new button to the right of the email field while invoicing.

Every time you sign up a customer from within the AutoFluent system, YOUR shop is automatically selected as the customer’s “Favorite Shop”. A recent CARFAX survey found that myCARFAX app users make 20% more service visits than a typical customer, driving increased traffic to your shop.

myCARFAX Service Snapshot

We’re making CARFAX Service History Check even better! It’s now easier than ever to make better service recommendations and drive more revenue. The new Snapshot tool, available next to the existing Recommended Service button at the bottom left of your invoicing screen, provides a quick reference of recent preventative maintenance that has been performed on the vehicle at any myCARFAX Member Shop or Dealer. The tool allows your techs to quickly identify and recommend more unperformed scheduled maintenance.

CARFAX Service History Check gives your shop access to more than 15 billion service transactions and data from over 37,000 service shops and dealerships across North America.

Dave Tittle