Introducing Service Data Pro

We’ve all heard the saying “Time is Money”. We know the more time we spend working on a customer’s vehicle, the more money the job is going to cost. If we underestimate the difficulty of a procedure, or the time it takes to complete it, those costs can either come out of our pocket or the pocket of our customer. Either way, nobody wins and we just may lose a valuable customer.

One way to prevent a situation like that is to have access to vehicle repair information whenever you need it. Service Data Pro by AutoFluent gives you all of the tools you need to quickly and accurately pull that information so you can quote your customers accurately every single time. After you have entered a vehicle into a Quote or Workorder in AutoFluent, click on the Service Data Pro button to pull up vehicle specific information.
If you are looking for labor times or OEM part information, click on the “Parts & Labor” button and make your selection. Labor times will be sent to your Workorder and will automatically calculate the correct price for the customer, based on your shop labor rates. An OEM part selection will send that part number and suggested retail price to your Workorder. 
The interface can be searched by keyword or category. A keyword search will pull up every instance of the word or phrase in the system, and is very helpful when looking for labor times, part information, procedures, Technical Service Bulletins, wiring diagrams and more. From the drop-down menus on the left-hand side of the interface, the services you perform most often are listed alphabetically. 

For instance, if you click the “Serpentine Belt” dropdown, you can choose between “Replacement” and “Routing”. Replacement will give you step by step replacement procedures for both the serpentine belt and the belt tensioner. These instructions can either be viewed on-screen or they can be printed out as needed. “Routing” will pull up a diagram of the proper belt route. These diagrams can be zoomed in or out of, and can be printed as needed.
In “Maintenance Schedule”, you can search for recommended services based on the vehicle’s mileage, a time increment or indicator light; and you can select normal or severe service. The interface will display all of the recommended services for the selected mileage.
As an added bonus, Service Data Pro links directly to your lube packages in AutoFluent. From within a lube package, click the “Service Data Pro Lube Specs” button and the system will identify the correct oil filter, oil type and oil capacity with one click, saving you a lot of time on every oil change. The system will allow you to select from matching filters you have in stock, or add the filter to the Workorder as an outside part, with the correct OEM number.
All the repair information you need is built into the simple to use Service Data Pro interface.
Service Data Pro is only $95 per month. For the cost of an hour or so of shop labor each month, you can have a complete, integrated repair guide in your AutoFluent System. If you already subscribe to a different labor guide, switch to Service Data Pro and save money.
Click here to see Service Data Pro in action. Call AutoFluent to get started with Service Data Pro today.

Adam Irby