AutoFluent Scheduler Links with Google Calendar

With AutoFluent’s Google Calendar Sync you can track appointments and scheduled work orders from your Google Calendar.

Once you sync the AutoFluent Scheduler with your Google account, you can share calendars with other Google users. These calendars can consist of all of the appointments or appointments for a particular bay or mechanic.

This opens the AutoFluent Scheduler up to all of the possibilities the Google Calendar offers. A mechanic could be notified on their mobile device of an upcoming appointment or a manager could check their Google Calendar to see the statuses of all schedules without opening AutoFluent or even being at the shop. A bay supervisor may want to see an overview of what is going on that day in their bay. Google Calendar Sync with AutoFluent makes this all possible.

For more information on how to setup and use Google Calendar Sync follow the link below:

Adam Irby