Use AutoBiz to Recommend Winter Services to Your Customers


If you have not been taking full advantage of the e-mail system included within AutoBiz, now is a perfect time to start! Winter is upon us, and what better time to remind your customers of some essential winter services for their vehicles? Regardless of your location in the world, your customers need to get their cars and trucks ready for inclement weather when it arrives. All-weather tires, snow tires, cold-weather oil and fluids, new wiper blades, and Heater maintenance are all essential services you can remind customers about with the e-mail system in AutoBiz. If you have not set up your e-mail, here is a great how-to that is easy to follow, to get you started:

  • In the main window of AutoBiz, click on Customer Entry.

  • Once in Customer Entry, click the "Email" button towards the top right of the screen.

  • When the email screen pops up, make sure that the "Mail Templates" tab is selected at the top.

  • Click on the "Create New Mailing" button on the right.

  • You can select the Create Mailing by Customer tab or the Create Mailing by Purchases tab at the top of the window depending on how you would like to narrow down your mailing selection.

  • Choose from the criteria available, such as corporate/retail customers, sales category, or last visit date.

  • Once you have selected your parameters, click the "Create Preview List" button to view all customers that meet your criteria.

  • Now you can either create the email contents, including place holders for customer & vehicle information, or use a pre-existing template with the “Select a Template” button.

  • When the email is ready, press the "Send Now" button.

Now you can gear-up for the arrival of your loyal customers rolling in for all their seasonal car care needs!

Adam Irby