3 Tips to Improve Your Marketing for Free

Business owners often have to make tough choices when it comes to reducing expenses.  Analysts have commented that it is a mistake to reduce marketing efforts in tough economic conditions, but sometimes there isn’t any other way to lower costs.  Many businesses have turned to social networking as a means to advertise at little or no monetary cost.  Here are three easy tips you can use to improve your marketing efforts for free.

3. Take ownership of your business’s Google+ profile
By registering your business on Google+ you can add your shop information, upload pictures, and make it easier for new customers to find you.  The single most powerful feature of Google+ accounts for businesses is that it links directly with the powerful search engine itself and with Google Maps, so if a potential customer searches for local service or tire shops, they will see your profile, and it will even show them your location.  Your shop information and pictures can also help new customers to locate your shop.  Google+ profiles also allow for Google+ users to review your business, which shows up in Google search and Google Maps.

2. Unlock your Yelp Business Account
Since its launch in 2004 yelp.com has given customers a vehicle to voice their opinions on local businesses and promote the shops that they like.  Managing your company profile and adding address, phone numbers, pictures, and store hours can help new customers find you and find out about your shop.  Although not as pervasive a utility as Google, yelp allows potential customers to search for local businesses and find the information you have supplied to help them find your shop.  Like Google, Yelp will give customers the ability to write reviews to improve your viability.  

1. Increase and Improve your Reviews through your AutoBiz CRM
Occasionally, a customer will write a negative review.  (We will be addressing this topic in greater detail in an up-coming blog article.) It can be disheartening, but remember that you have fans.  Or perhaps you’ve just taken ownership of your Google and Yelp profiles, but you don’t have any reviews.  Use the customer relationship manager (CRM) built into your AutoBiz Software to reach out to your strongest supporters and biggest fans urging them to write reviews on your company.  In AutoBiz, you can set up a template to ask customers for a review, and even create special offers for your most loyal customers.  Have you had a very favorable reaction from a customer recently?  You can flag them in AutoBiz to receive an email asking for a review with links to your various profiles.  Call AutoBiz Support at 916-576-2021 for help in using this free utility.

Adam Irby