Quick, Easy & Low-cost Ways to Boost Morale


As days get shorter and the weather turns colder, your employees may suffer from the winter blues. Leaders know that employee morale can make or break a business. Here are some ideas to keep in mind to improve outlook and boost performance, at this busy & challenging time of year:

•    Take suggestions, offer choices and value employee input
For example, everyone may not enjoy the annual company picnic or holiday party, which can also get expensive. Maybe they’d prefer an extra ½ day with their families and a simple potluck lunch at the shop. Or how about trying something new to add variety?
•    Treat employees to lunch meetings
Whether it is pizza in the shop or an occasional lunch out, free lunch puts employees in a receptive mood, and gives them the opportunity to interact in a more relaxed atmosphere that also fosters group discussion of business issues. Remember to vary the routine so you keep their interest. 
•    Acknowledge birthdays and accomplishments
Employees appreciate it when you remember birthdays. Some businesses even offer employees a paid day off, but cake and singing also go a long way. Knowing you are aware of employees' special events and taking some interest in their lives outside of work shows them they are valued team members instead of anonymous workers.
•    Give them training
Whether it is in-house training, local classes, or seminars, good employees want to keep learning. Helping them stay current with developments in their field improves attitudes & job productivity.
•    Express genuine interest and respect
Employees want supervisors to show they are aware and appreciative of their work. In addition to acknowledgement, employees want to be respected. Don’t insult or ignore your staff, especially in front of other employees or customers. Support your employees, and you will gain their loyalty.

Adam Irby