Tips & Tricks - The Multi-use Search Button in Sales Entry

The many capabilities of the Search button in Sales Entry are often overlooked. Utilizing this button can help you quickly find the information you are looking for.

When hovering over the Search button, you can:

  • Use the Inventory button to search through your inventory if you are quoting a customer over the phone or checking availability for an item.

  • If you sell tires, use the Vehicle Model button to find the tire size for a customer by selecting the year, make, and model. This will also search your Inventory for the size, allowing you to see if you have the tires in stock and give the customer a quick quote.

  • Use the License Plates button to search by vehicle, whether you are searching by license, vehicle model, VIN, or fleet #.

  • Use the Invoice #/Workorder # buttons to easily find an older transaction.

  • Use the Phone # button to find an existing customer, or to create a new one.

    • AutoFluent will search for any of the 4 phone numbers saved for a customer. If the customer is not found, you can utilize the Whitepages feature to pull up the customer’s information and create a new Workorder or Quote directly from it.

Adam Irby