Tire Module Expands Capabilities

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Maintaining a profitable repair shop is challenging. With the Tire Module, you will be able to increase efficiency and get automated tracking and tire registration for your customers. Providing excellent workmanship, along with services that help and appeal to your customers, will keep them coming back.

You can expand your offered services to include tire sales & installation, without taking up valuable space in your shop. At only $39 per month, the AutoFluent Tire Module gives you everything you need to manage your tire sales and installation.

The Tire Module allows you to manage in-stock inventory and to access vendor’s tire catalogs in two different ways:

  • For your stocked tires, monitor both on-hand and available quantities in real time. After setting reorder levels, automatically replenish the tires that you order from our many integrated distributors. Alternately, you can generate purchase orders directly from the Reorder Report in AutoFluent. If you have multiple locations, you’ll be able to see live available quantities at each location, as well as transfer tires between stores.

  • For tires you don’t choose to stock, AutoFluent has direct integrations with American Tire Distributors (ATD), TCI Tire Centers, Max Finkelstein, and many other tire wholesalers that also use AutoFluent. With these integrations you see real-time pricing and quantities on hand, replenish your inventory, and place orders on the fly, directly from within your Workorder.

For tire vendors that don’t yet offer an integration, the Tire Module has a built-in Excel importer. Tire vendors update their pricing often, and typically offer catalogs to their customers in a downloadable format such as an Excel or a CSV file. These catalogs can be easily imported into AutoFluent as often as the vendor releases a new price list.

With the Tire Module, when a customer calls for a quote on a set of tires, you find the tire size by selecting the year make and model for the vehicle. Then you choose from tires in your inventory or your vendor catalogs. You can quote an “installed and out-the-door price” with or without additional items (such as a road hazard warranty). The quote can be emailed with one click. You can now register the tire DOT information directly through your Workorders.

The Tire Module comes with additional benefits:

  • The Tire Atlas gives you photos, specs, features and benefits for nearly 5,000 different makes & models of passenger and light truck tires. This database is updated monthly.

  • The Tire Calculator shows you plus sizing options for tires with graphic comparisons. This feature is especially important for wheel sellers.

  • NEW! Tire Registration Plus by TireMetrix is now FREE with the AutoFluent Tire Module (a $39 value if purchased separately): 

    • DOT numbers are automatically validated as you enter them, eliminating errors and fulfilling your mandatory registration obligations

    • You get DOT alerts for expired or recalled tires immediately at point-of-sale

    • Alerts for recalled tires are automatically sent to your customers

    • You can generate reports on recalled tires sold, to proactively follow-up with your customers, building trust, generating business and keeping passengers safe.

Take the next step to improve your bottom line by giving us a call at 866-822-7797 to add the Tire Module to your toolkit!

Adam Irby