Inspection Templates Made Easy


Inspection Templates in AutoFluent will help your technicians save time by giving them the specific inspection tools pertaining to the vehicle at hand. You can have different inspection templates for your various needs, or types of vehicles, to be used when your primary default inspection sheet is not enough. You can even mix and match sections of inspections on the fly. 

Each template is easily configured, having its own name, categories, and inspection lines. For example, your default form can consist of a 'Fluids' category in which you would add individual lines for each fluid item needing inspection. You can make new templates based on previous ones, rearrange lines, and even print bulk copies of the various forms if desired.

Once you have your forms created and ready to use, an important part of every inspection sheet is the 'Linked Item' field. This allows you to attach specific inventory items or packages to each line of the sheet. If a line is marked Yellow or Red when the inspection is being performed, a Recommended Service will be created for it, containing that inventory item or package. For example, if the inspection sheet shows that their coolant is low, a Coolant Flush package will be ready to be added onto the Workorder if the customer chooses to accept the service.  And of course, the customer will be reminded of declined recommended services via email, as well as the next time they bring their vehicle in.

These templates, which can also be used with our online digital inspections app, AutoInspect, result in a more streamlined workflow, a professional appearance, and increased revenue through the integrated recommended services.

Adam Irby