Tips & Tricks - Pickup Times and Past Due Jobs

Have you ever wondered how well your customers are getting taken care of? You can see how many cars are in your garage, but how many of them are on time, late, or almost late? With a very simple setup procedure, and conscientious sales reps, you can see at a glance the status of your jobs. When looking at your open Workorders, the ones whose promised time has passed and are late are highlighted in red, while the ones whose time is quickly approaching are highlighted in yellow. If the ones highlighted as red are not marked as Completed, there is some checking up to do.

Setup is a simple 2-step process:

  • Go to the Sales Settings tab of System Settings, and set both the common hour to pick up vehicles, and how soon you want your Workorders to turn yellow. If you enter 30 minutes, they will turn yellow a half hour before they are due.

  • Train your sales reps to always update the pickup time before saving a new Workorder. They can also can conveniently change the time when clicking the Status button to change the status of the Workorder.

The little bit of discipline it takes to keep the Workorder Status and pickup times accurate will help keep your customers happy and your shop running smoothly.

Adam Irby