New AutoFluent Support Portal Brings the Answers to You

At TABS, we strive to provide our customers with an easy and accessible way to receive the support that they need. With the new AutoFluent Support Portal, you can request support, view our new training topics tailored for you, schedule appointments with an AutoFluent Support Technician, and manage your billing. This provides a simpler way to access multiple resources on one webpage, with only a few clicks.

To access the support portal, an AutoFluent technician will create a login for you. If you are the shop owner, or an authorized manager, you will then have the ability to create additional logins for your employees.

The Dashboard allows for easy navigation to get to where you need to go. From taking your training customization interview, to managing your billing, and even searching through changelogs for the latest features and fixes, the Dashboard provides it all on one page.

Training Lessons
To better your training experience, the support portal includes a short interview to help tailor the training topics based on your job role. For example, if you are a Service Writer, answer the interview questions accordingly, and only topics that apply to a Service Writer will show under recommended trainings. With the lessons being customized to you, time is saved by eliminating certain subjects that do not relate to your duties.

Each topic has a set of instructions, followed by a short animated GIF that demonstrates each step described. This enables you to actually see how to accomplish a task step-by-step and to follow along. You also work at your own pace, so you can squeeze bits of time here and there to review lessons if you are in a busy shop.

Once you have completed a lesson, you have the ability to leave feedback for each one. This helps us determine if we need to make any changes to improve or add to certain topics.

Scheduling Appointments
Scheduling an appointment with an AutoFluent Support Technician is now easier than ever. If you need a training, or a specific time to go over a question or issue, you can book an appointment using the interactive scheduler. Appointments can go from 30 minutes up to an hour, and can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance. You can quickly see what time slots are open and find what works best for you.

Some of the other features of the portal include:

  • Contacting support

    • View our phone numbers, email address, and address

    • Send us a file by uploading it directly through this page and have it automatically emailed to us

    • Download remote support and connect to online chat

  • Change logs

    • Search through the new features and fixes in a specific version

  • Managing your billing

    • Easily navigate to our online billing portal login page, where you can update your payment method on file or make a payment

  • Announcements

    • See any important announcements from AutoFluent

To get started with the AutoFluent Support Portal, please call our support staff at 916-576-2021.

Jobayar Siddique