New Mobile Digital Vehicle Inspection - AutoInspect

jan2018 auto inspect article.png

***Update:  AutoInspect has been released.  Please contact our staff to subscribe.***

TABS is proud to announce the beta release of our new vehicle inspection tool, AutoInspect.  AutoInspect allows Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS devices to complete vehicle inspections with pictures, videos, and more!  The streamlined interface is built from the ground up to speed up the process of checking in customers and performing vehicle inspections.

Features like License plate image recognition (no typing!), VIN barcode scanning, and CARFAX(R) decoding make entering vehicle information a matter of seconds instead of minutes.  Customer information lookup with Whitepages(R) can speed intake even more by loading information from phone numbers, and even cell phones.


While in the inspection, appropriate inspection forms and categories can be enabled on the fly, or left at your preset defaults.  Canned inspection notes are easily added & retrieved.  Once an inspection is saved, a click is all it takes to email or text the vehicle owner a link to the inspection.

While AutoInspect is in beta (Update: AutoInspect is feature complete and available for purchase now), some changes are being finalized based on shops’ experiences.  Because this new digital vehicle inspection is web-enabled, our cloud hosting is required.  During the beta, the AutoInspect web app will be our free ‘thank you’ for helping us make the best inspection app around.  After the beta, AutoInspect will be only $59 a month.  If you would like more information, or you’re interested in getting on the list for the beta, please give us a call at 866-822-7797.

Dave Tittle