New Version 8 Includes Sales & Goal Tracking Reports

The next generation of AutoBiz has arrived with Version 8. Not only is it crafted to support multiple locations, but it has some new features that you won’t want to miss. Everyone can benefit from two new sales & budgeting reports, the Comprehensive Sales Report, and the Comprehensive Group Report. Both of these report on sales for any day, past or present, and are not dependant upon your Daily Sales Reports. If you have multiple locations, they will break your sales down per location, and consolidate them, but we believe these reports will prove invaluable for single shops as well. Both reports give you comparisons of:
• Today’s sales
• Month to date sales
• Last month’s sales
• Sales from this month last year
• Projected sales for the month, based on the days that you are open

The Comprehensive Sales Report also breaks down for each of these periods:
• Parts sales and profit
• Labor sales and profit
• Tire sales and profit
• The number of invoices and the average invoice amount
• Your Sales Goals, and how close you are to these goals

The Comprehensive Group Report also tracks your sales and quantity sold for these same periods, breaking them down into up to 8 customizable categories. Each category can represent either an Item Group or any combination of groups. For example, one column could be Brake Parts, another Filters, and another all service parts.

There are plenty of additional reasons to move to Version 8, including unlimited bin locations per inventory item, the ability to generate finance changes based on the terms and due date of the transactions, plus the availability of cloud-hosting.

With V8 you’ll also be ready for exciting features scheduled to be added by the end of the summer. These include abilities to:
• Capture, store and email photos with a Windows tablet PC, and associate these photos with a workorder or vehicle.
• Add a streamlined interface to the tablet PC for inspecting vehicles and recommending services.
• Expand your AutoBiz Service Data (from capabilities:
• Select a service (like brake pads), and send a vehicle-specific package to your Workorder, including parts and labor.
• Send a Preventive Maintenance package based on service intervals to your Workorder or Recommended Service.

Glen Graham