Cloud Hosting Advantages


Small business owners are switching to cloud-based database and storage systems at an ever-increasing rate. Making this leap has enabled many companies to reap the benefits of using a big-business infrastructure without the high dollar costs associated with one. AutoBiz is proud to announce that we are now offering a cloud-based database hosting service to our customers as well.  Please note, this new service is only an optional upgrade to AutoBiz and is not required, except for multi-store implementations of AutoBiz.  Still, you may start to ask yourself how migrating your AutoBiz server to the cloud can benefit your business.  Here are a few compelling reasons you may want to make the move.

1. It’s cost effective:  You’ll be able to use enterprise class hardware at a fraction of the cost that it would take to build and maintain it yourself. No more having to maintain servers, static IP’s or firewalls.

2. It can increase productivity:  All computers with AutoBiz installed become remote connections; this means that they can be easily accessed from any computer with a good internet connection. Work from home, on the road or out in the shop at your convenience. Access data in real-time. The only requirement is a reliable broadband internet connection.

3. It’s simple: No need to install additional hardware or software, we take care of all of the technical work for you.  The change is seamless, saving information from your workstations is just the same as it ever was. There is no additional training required. Support staff will also be more capable of assisting if issues do arise.

4. Your Data is safe from disaster: You’ll never have to worry about server crashes, viruses/malware, power outages or any disaster that could potentially cause you to lose your AutoBiz data.  Your server will be housed in a data center environment, powered by an uninterruptible power supply which is seconded by a generator and secured by physical security professionals.

Every business owner big or small wants their business to run as smoothly as possible 100% of the time.  Migrating your AutoBiz system to the cloud today is one great step toward that goal. Prices start at just $65 per month. Please call us for more information at 916-576-2021, or call 866-822-7797 toll free.

Adam Irby