Enhanced Security Empowers Business Owners

AutoBiz Software has again enhanced system security based on customer input. TABS recognizes that businesses, just like the individuals that own and work in them, have different needs. Whether your shop is small or large, or you have multiple locations, along with the types of business you engage in and products you sell, these must all be factored into the levels of security you require. With this always in mind, TABS has added several new options in the employee security screen. You choose whether or not specific restrictions are necessary, and which ones get applied. For example, you decide who has the ability to set minimum markups, edit Workorders, create purchase orders, or make price changes. You choose who can make adjustments to inventory, customer accounts, your checkbook, etc.


You know your business best, so TABS works hard to make sure your security requirements are being met, so you stay in the driver's seat. Contact TABS AutoBiz for a live online demonstration of security features and more.

Adam Irby