Version 7.0 Now Available

AutoBiz Software Systems announces a truly major release, with their latest Version 7.0 now out of beta. Thanks, as always, goes to their customers who provide invaluable and ongoing input to help make AutoBiz Software the best it can be. Hard to believe, but this new version contains even more requested enhanced features than ever before. The staff is available any time to answer your questions, and show you how you can increase efficiency in crucial areas of your shop management, including customer retention, repair orders, parts ordering, accounting, and invoice, report & statement creation.

Below is a very brief summary of the 6-page version notes, listing just some of the key changes you can expect to see during your live demo:

    * Expandable windows, with a variety of Themes (Skins).
    * Closer integration with NAPA for parts entry & ordering.
    * Unlimited price levels automatically calculating based on brand, type, etc.
    * Streamlined Purchase Orders, with several new features for ease & speed of entry.
    * More system security features.
    * Alternate Part Numbers can be defined for each item.
    * Support for Cores and core tracking has been enhanced.
    * Copy & paste multiple lines between Workorders, Quotes and Recommended Services.

Adam Irby