Tips & Tricks - Electronic DOT Registration Included Free with the AutoFluent Tire Module

What are DOT’s and why are they important?

On each tire you sell, there is a DOT number embossed on the side of the tire that can range anywhere from 8 to 13 digits. This DOT number gives information such as the manufacturer and tire size, along with the week, year and the location in which that tire was produced. The Department of Transportation (DOT) federally requires that you electronically register each tire you sell in order to assure the safety of our roads, and make it possible to reach out to drivers to alert them of any recalls. According to the Tire Industry Association, independent tire dealers face fines of up to $700,000 for failure to comply. 

Why are you already one step ahead of everyone?

Most tire manufacturers have DOT Registration forms on their website, but these are cumbersome to fill out. This means you have to fill out the name and address of your customer and your shop, as well as the sale and DOT information,  on the manufacturer’s registration form each time you sell a tire. On the other hand, when you enter the DOT number into a workorder, AutoFluent will register the tires for you at the time of sale! Eliminate having to go to each manufacturer’s website to register DOT’s to comply with federal law. AutoFluent integrates with TireMetrix and Tire Registration Plus directly, the most advanced tire registration solution available. It provides registration, recalls, and reporting. 

How to use AutoFluent’s DOT Registration:

With AutoFluent’s Tire Module, registering DOT’s with TireMetrix is free. Once you add a tire onto a workorder, click the yellow “T,” then click the “Register DOT” button in the corner. If this is your first time, you will be prompted to register with TireMetrix by entering your name and phone number. Now, you can start adding the DOT numbers directly in a workorder. You can add multiple DOT’s to one tire, in case they were manufactured at different times. If by chance the tire you are selling already has a recall notice, AutoFluent will  notify you immediately. When a tire recall happens, TireMetrix takes care of reporting this to your customers, but you will also get a list of your affected customers. This means you can contact those customers and take care of them, building their trust in you.

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