Tips & Tricks - Utilizing Inventory Reorder Levels Within AutoFluent

Ensuring your inventory is properly stocked and tracked is a cinch when using the reorder levels within AutoFluent. You can set your reorder levels on a per-item basis within your Inventory Entry. Just select the item, and enter your reorder minimum and maximum in the lower left hand corner. When the available quantity goes below the reorder minimum, you’ll need to order more. When you place an order, you will order enough to reach the reorder maximum

When your quantity goes below your set reorder minimum, the item will appear on the Inventory Reorder Report with the exact quantity you need to order to reach that maximum quantity you set. Once you have a vendor assigned to your items, you can run the reorder report for that vendor. Then with the click of a button you can create a Purchase Order with all the items assigned to that vendor which are due to be ordered, with the correct quantities automatically filled out. And with another button, the P/O can be emailed to your supplier!

Adam Irby