Tips & Tricks - Importance of the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Just as computers are a critical part of your business, the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a critical part for your computers, arguably more important than the keyboard and mouse. If your keyboard or mouse fail, you can save your work and connect another one.  But without a UPS, a single surge, spike, or power drop could destroy all your data, or even the computer itself.  

A UPS is not expensive - usually between $50 and $150, depending on your peripherals and how many minutes you would like it to run before gracefully shutting itself off after a power outage. Talk to your local computer specialist to choose the ones to fit your needs.

When installing, there are two very important things to consider:

  • Be sure to connect UPS’ to your networking equipment, phones, and at least one monitor per computer. Also connect any additional hardware necessary to save your work or complete transactions.

  • Make sure that you plug the uninterruptible power supply into the USB port of your computer, and that you install the software that comes with it. This will ensure that the computer will turn itself off gracefully if the power goes out when no one is around. Remember, you are better off with an inexpensive 10 minute UPS which is installed correctly than an expensive one that lasts a half hour, but is not set up to shut your computer off gracefully.

While the software that comes with the UPS will monitor the battery to a degree, you should still test and visually inspect each battery annually.  Batteries typically last from 3-5 years. Most UPS’ are backed by a multi-year warranty and offer a connected equipment protection policy. 

UPS’ will give you confidence that you are protecting your business’ equipment and data.  Every computer should have its own UPS - it is a small price for a HUGE benefit.

Adam Irby