Import and Update Inventory from Excel


You can now import parts and tires from your spreadsheets into your main inventory database, and use spreadsheets to update things like prices, vendor part numbers, and even quantities on hand!  With this new tool (located in your utility menu), you will be able to quickly build up, update and fine tune your inventory.

  • Add new lines of parts to your inventory.

  • Update your costs and prices when a manufacturer sends you a spreadsheet with updated pricing.

  • Add manufacturer or vendor part numbers to your inventory.

  • Update and standardize the descriptions of your parts or tires.

  • Update your reorder levels based on spreadsheet analysis.

  • Do an inventory count on a spreadsheet and import the quantities.  Then you can print the adjustment batch which is created.

This is one of several new tools to make your life easier, included in our version 8.6 release, as AutoFluent continues to evolve by listening to your requests. Click the ‘?’ help button in AutoFluent, or click here for a complete summary of our latest features.

Glen Graham