New Service Data Pro Features


Our highly-popular Service Data Pro just got better! Two new features have been added to the interface to help you access important information even faster. 

Preventative Maintenance
After a vehicle and its mileage have been entered on a Workorder, hover over the “Parts & Labor” button in the AutoFluent interface and select “SDP Preventative Maintenance.” This will pull up a list of all manufacturer recommended services for the mileage increments closest to your car. For instance, if my vehicle’s odometer reads 43,500 miles (or kilometers), the interface would list each service from 35,000 to 50,000 in 5,000 mile increments to help you quickly recommend additional needed services. This quick lookup feature has also been added to the Lube interface. 

More Filter Lookups
That’s not the only great feature that’s been added to Lube packages. Now, not only will Service Data Pro look up the correct oil viscosity, oil capacity and oil filter and tell you if you have it in stock, but you can also quickly add an Air Filter, Cabin Air Filter and Fuel Filter through the the Lube interface as well. If the part is in stock, the interface will show the available item (or items) and available quantities. If the part is not in stock, Service Date Pro will add the item as an Outside Part and provide you with the OEM part number and suggested price. 

Side note: The ability to link OEM part numbers to parts in inventory is not limited to the parts looked up in the Lube package. Any parts that you stock that have been linked to the correct OEM number will be pulled into your Quote or Workorder when looking up part information in Service Data Pro.  

If you don’t yet have Service Data Pro for your shop, what are you waiting for? Service Data Pro saves you time and earns you money with every use. Give us a call at 866-822-7797 extension 2 to get signed up today.

Adam Irby