Increase Revenue with Free Preventive Maintenance Module

We are excited to announce the completion of this new AutoBiz module that will make life easier for you and your sales reps, enabling you to see at a glance what services need to be done to improve performance and ensure the safety of customer’s vehicles. Creating new Recommended Services can also increase your sales dramatically.


Setting it up is easy. You can configure as many services as you like, assigning keywords and Catalog Numbers to each service.  This means that AutoBiz can search through your past vehicle history to intelligently decide what needs to be done, and you’ll be able to start giving recommendations to your customers right away.


With a single button, you can create Recommended Services for any service listed. You can even adjust your grace periods to define what is meant by “Needs Service” and “Service Soon”, or change how those statuses are worded. And of course, there is that all-important Factory Defaults button to help you get started quickly!

Glen Graham