Improve Speed & Accuracy with CARFAX QuickVIN

There are a number of compelling reasons to record the VIN of vehicles you service.  As a vehicle's owner and license pate changes, service information that is tracked by VIN can be maintained.  Ordering the right part the first time is made possible by having complete and accurate vehicle information readily available.

Despite these benefits, some shop owners and service writers don't record VINs because of too many hurdles.  Barcode VIN readers require an often significant upfront cost and take time to configure.  Reading barcodes through the windows of GM vehicles can be cumbersome. With small print and often scuffed or obscured numbers, the potential for inaccuracies when manually copying the VIN is fairly high.  VIN decoding will validate the data, but won't eliminate time spent collecting and re-collecting the VIN.

It's hard to find zero-effort shortcuts when it comes to improving VIN data entry.  CARFAX QuickVIN, however, seems to be the exception.

With a license number and the click of  a button the vehicle's information is retrieved.  Vehicle data flows from AutoBiz to parts suppliers, helping service writers order the right part fast.

As an added benefit of the CARFAX Service Network, service history data is transmitted to CARFAX, advertising your shop on history reports for serviced vehicles.  Service history on a CARFAX Report can even increase a vehicle's resale value!

The average shop using AutoBiz & QuickVIN does over 200 look-ups a month.  At a conservative 2 minutes saved per VIN, that's 5 hours per month saved.  Some shops doing over 2000 VIN look-ups save over 50 hours a month, which can equate to thousands of dollars saved.

AutoBiz Software can remove the obstacles to quick and accurate VIN entry with our QuickVIN feature, integrated at no additional charge. For additional information on using QuickVIN and AutoBiz in your shop, call us at 866-822-7797.

Dave Tittle