Get Connected with More Major Tire Distributors

AutoFluent is proud to be the first point-of-sale system to implement TireConnect’s new point-of-sale interface. Bridgestone has developed TireConnect with great care, to make it easy to find and order the specific tires that your customers demand.

TireConnect’s new point-of-sale interface includes a sophisticated pricing matrix system, and prices can be based on brands, suppliers, tire sizes, seasonal tires, and tire types (passenger, light or medium truck). Get directly connected with 27 US and 13 Canadian major distributors, such as ATD, NTW, K & M, TireHub and Max Finkelstein. More are on the way! See the current list here:

This is the second TireConnect product to interface with AutoFluent. With the previous TireConnect innovation, you can sell your tires to your customers on your website, which can list your tires alongside those from ATD and other major distributors. Your customers can find the tires on your website, optionally pay for them partially or in full, and then come to your shop to get them installed.

We at AutoFluent are happy to help you serve your customers with more complete, convenient and integrated tire information than ever before. Be among the first to be “tire connected!” Sign up in August and get your setup fees waived.

Glen Graham