Multi-Store Announcement

It’s here! Years in the making, Version 8 of AutoFluent now supports multiple locations. Because all the locations share a single database, customers, inventory and vendors are shared. You will notice the difference in the Sales Entry window. In the top half, where you see your customers, there is a new column showing store codes. If a customer is not found in your store, you can select another store, or just select them all to search for that customer.  

Similarly, the bottom half of that window has a store code as well, so you can see at once all the work performed on the selected vehicle at all your locations. Customer statements are also consolidated, and when your customers send you payments, a single check can be applied to work performed at multiple locations.

There is now shared inventory with 12 different price levels available, so you can choose which prices to use at which stores. When you search for inventory, there is a column for each location showing their quantity available. Of course, each store will have their own inventory costs, quantities, spiffs and purchase orders as well.

New flexible consolidated reports compare projected sales from this month with last month and this month last year, complete with budget projections. Besides comparing parts, tires and labor, you can use these reports to monitor up to 8 combinations of Item Groups and Item Group Subtotals. These reports are even available to our Single Location shops as they move to Version 8.

Best of all, there is no extra charge to move to Version 8, except for a nominal charge to access the cloud service for the new combined database.

Adam Irby