Internet Auto Parts & AutoBiz Software


We are excited to announce that AutoBiz Software has recently certified as an integration partner with Internet Auto Parts (IAP). Now you can connect to over 80 different distributors in the United States and Canada, including O'Reilly Auto Parts. IAP also works with the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance giving AutoBiz customers access to Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper. See the full list of IAP's Distribution Partners

Best of all, as long as you are on support, we can help you connect to your suppliers that use IAP with no setup fee, and no monthly charges from AutoBiz.

After selecting a vehicle in a Workorder, you can click the IAP button to choose your parts from your various IAP suppliers. You can mark specific items as being urgent, and add other messages to your order. Then those items can be pulled into your Workorder. After you have gotten approval from your customer, you can go back into your Workorder, re-check the availability of the parts, and finalize the order with the supplier. This will send the order directly to your local store, and create a Purchase Order and Bill for that vendor.

IAP Integration Setup

Step 1 – Getting your identification information from your Supplier

Contact your local supplier and get the following information:

-       Your User Name

-       Your Password

-       Your Partner ID

-       Your Seller ID

-       Your Group ID


Step 2 – TABS AutoBiz Setup

-       Make sure your Supplier set up as a vendor.  To do this, in Vendor Entry:

o    Click New.

o    Enter the Supplier’s name as the Company Name.

o    If desired, enter address and phone information.

o    Click Save Changes. 

-       From the Main Menu, select Setup Entry, then System Settings.

-       Select the Interfaces tab, then the IAP tab. 

-       Click the button to bring up the Internet Auto Parts window:

-       Click the New button to enter a new Supplier.

-       Supplier Code: Choose a unique abbreviated name for the Supplier.

-       Supplier Name: The name as it will appear in the list of Suppliers.

-       User Name, as provided by your supplier.

-       Password, as provided by your supplier.

-       Partner ID, as provided by your supplier.

-       Seller ID, as provided by your supplier.

-       Group ID, as provided by your supplier.

-       Vendor: Click to select the vendor entered in Vendor Entry.

-       Order of Preference: This defines the order in which your Suppliers are listed.

-       Test Only: Leave this unchecked.

-       Click Save Changes to save this Supplier.


You are now ready to use this Supplier at Point-of-Sale.  If you have more Suppliers, you can click the New button and add more.  To edit a Supplier, select them in the list of Suppliers in the box on the left, and click Save Changes when done.

Step 3 – Using the IAP Interface

-       From the body of the Workorder, press the IAP button. 

-       If you want to use a different Supplier, select them in the dropdown at the top of the window.

-       If the vehicle with a VIN had not been selected in the AuitoBiz Workorder yet, you will be prompted for the vehicle information.

-       You may search for parts by selecting one of the ‘Jump to:’ buttons in the top section, or by just selecting a category and a group and clicking the ‘Parts List’ button.

-       After selecting parts to order, you can click the yellow ‘Transfer’ button to pull the parts into the Workorder.

-       Before clicking the ‘Transfer’ button, you may select a different option at the top left of the window, to either add the parts to the end of the Workorder, or to overwrite the current line.

-       When you are ready to place the order, click the IAP button from inside the same Workorder, and select ‘View or Finalize your Order’.

Glen Graham