How to Prepare for AutoBiz Software Implementation


1.   If possible, purchase computers & networking equipment locally.
Chances are your existing equipment will work properly and as advertised. If not, a trip down the street to purchase computers or networking equipment can save a lot of time versus shipping equipment back & forth. A list of AutoBiz Software hardware requirements can be found here.

2.   Evaluate the need for a local reputable computer hardware & networking technician.
If you will be using more than one computer, you may want to consider having a local technician to help with set up. It pays to hire a local qualified and competent tech for hardware and network installation & support. The total cost in terms of time, money and frustration will often be much less than enlisting friends, family, or employees with good intentions but limited experience.

3.   If you don't have Internet installed yet, select your Internet provider & schedule an installation appointment.
Planning ahead pays off here to avoid delaying other steps of the process. Ask other businesses in the area about the type and quality of their services, as location can have a significant effect on supposedly identical plans. Once you’ve decided which service to use, call the provider to ensure availability, and schedule an install. Many providers don’t thoroughly check availability until after an order is placed, so keep up with them to stay appraised of any changes. If you plan to work remotely, you may also need to request a static IP address.

4.   Coordinate your automotive shop management system implementation.
Once your equipment and network are installed, call AutoBiz to schedule automotive software system installation and training. Installation is done over the Internet, and typically takes 10 to 30 minutes per computer. Training can be done individually, or in groups of up to 9. Training in groups is most beneficial as it allows for comparing & sharing notes, which reinforces the learning process. Basic training that enables you to perform the most common Point-of-Sale functions generally only requires 15 to 30 minutes. Additional training can be scheduled at your convenience during our normal business hours, or by special arrangement if outside of normal business hours.

Implementation of your automotive shop management software is quick & easy with the Internet tools we utilize to install, train & support you – all of which are included with your AutoBiz Software purchase.

Adam Irby