New Major Features in Release Version 6.4

In addition to the Vehicle Inspection Sheets, Phone Number Lookup, Activant, Barcode / VIN Scanner, VIN Decoder, Oil Change Window Sticker & Barcode Label Printer, Signature Pad, & Credit/Debit Card Swiper, many new requested features have been added to TABS AutoBiz Software Systems in the previous 6-month period, such as:

* Jobs can be grouped and subtotaled in the printed Invoice.
* Computed Shop Supplies, Warranties, Coupons and Discounts are supported.
* With a couple of clicks, send a text message of the vehicle's status to a customer.
* One of the printed Workorder copies can be a shop copy or pick list with no prices.

TABS AutoBiz truly listens, and quickly responds, to what their customers ask for.

Adam Irby