Custom Vehicle Inspection Sheets

Off-the-shelf standard Vehicle Inspection Sheets don't work for everyone. Maybe you've "made do" with hand-writing your own information in many of the boxes to make the forms even usable for your particular type of automotive business. Those multiple-part forms are not only expensive, but the bottom copies are barely legible originally, and fade out in no time.

With AutoBiz Software you get an attractive, easy to read and understand, summary to give the customer that is printed and re-printable, on plain paper just like all TABS AutoBiz Invoices, Workorders and Reports. The inspection forms are customizable, and you can also associate job packages with the lines. Of course AutoBiz Software takes it several steps further for you. You have the flexibility to print bulk inspection sheets for Mechanics, print a custom one for each customer's Workorder, or a combination of the two. Plus, the AutoBiz Software Vehicle Inspection Sheets can automatically generate Recommended Services which stay with the vehicle until they are imported into a Workorder. You save time & money with TABS Shop Management Software, and show that you are organized and professional, to keep your shop the #1 choice with customers.

Adam Irby