Accessories to Accelerate Your Success

AutoFluent® can be integrated with a selection of quality accessories. Combined with a portfolio of integration partnerships with leading automotive parts and tire suppliers, AutoFluent® can help you accelerate the success of your automotive business. AutoFluent® officially supports the following accessories:




Tablets: Barcode Scanning, Vehicle Inspections, and More

Get AutoFluent® any tablet running a full version of Windows® 7 and up to scan UPC and VIN barcodes (separate barcode scanner required), and perform vehicle inspections.  Because these tablets are running the full AutoFluent® system, they can be used to perform any task that a desktop can. Tablets are not sold by TABS.


Magtek IPAD SC

The Magtek IPAD SC gives you a Signature Capture Pad, Pinpad & Credit Card Swiper, all in one compact and economical unit that saves on counter space. AutoFluent® customers are able to complete credit card transactions using the ChargeItPro interface with no wasted paper. Everything prints out on the customer invoice, and is stored electronically along with the signature, eliminating the need for a receipt printer. Invoices, quotes and workorders can be emailed to your customers automatically, or on-demand - it's your choice! Magtek IPAD SC is not sold by TABS.


Godex Barcode Scanner

The Godex GS220 scanner is perfect for scanning your products into your workorders and purchase orders. It is built for rugged environments, able to withstand repeated drops. Equipped with world class laser technology, it's fast, accurate, and reads all popular standard 1D barcodes. Just plug it into your USB port, and you're ready to go. You can purchase the Godex Barcode Scanner directly from TABS.


Oil Change Reminder Windshield Sticker Printer

The advanced Godex RT200 printer is state-of-the-art, durable, reliable, and fast - just what busy service shops need most. Oil Change Window Stickers, complete with customizable messages, really bring customers back. Choose one of the many Stock Logos or order a Custom Logo for even greater impact and recognition. You can purchase this Sticker Printer directly from TABS.


Posiflex Cash Drawer

The Posiflex CR3117 and CR3115 compact cash drawers open with programmable security codes received from the AutoFluent® system. Posiflex’s rugged and space-saving cash drawers make efficient use of internal space, with the till being almost the same size as those found in larger drawers. The drawers also come with important security features: all metal construction, no exposed screws, and three position locks. Cash Drawers are not sold by TABS.


Topaz Signature Capture Pad

With Topaz T-S460 or T-LBK460 signature pads, your customers can sign Workorders or Invoices electronically. These documents can be reprinted at a later date with the signature intact. Topaz Signature Pads are not sold by TABS.

Brother QL-500.jpg

Barcode Label Printer

The Brother QL-500 barcode label printer gives you the ability to quickly print 1.1” x 3.5” UPC barcode labels for your inventory items. You have the ability to print the labels at any time, and print the exact number you need every time you receive new inventory. The Brother QL-500 is not sold by TABS.